Burning the Future: Coal In America

A powerful documentary about mountain top removal from filmmaker David Novak that focuses on the efforts of a group of citizens turned activists. Demolition String Band music is in the film and we’ve appeared at events to raise awareness understanding about the devastation caused by this process and we were proud to be featured performers at the Appalachia Rising: Mountaintop Removal Abolition Mass Mobilization in Washington, DC.

Burning the Future: Coal In America examines the explosive conflict between the coal industry and residents of West Virginia.


Engine 145

BARRY MAZOR/ROOTS WATCH – SOME RECORDS I THINK YOU OUGHT TO HEAR: The New York area favorites Demolition String Band, fronted by my own very talented old friends and one-time neighbors Elena Skye and Boo Reiners, have always matched quality bluegrass style (and level) instrumental chops with edgy song choices and creations; their new one on Varese Sarabande Records, Gracious Days, takes on writers from the Ramones to Mickey Newbury, and several strong compositions from Elen.


San Diego Entertainer


MARY LEARY/SAN DIEGO ENTERTAINER: There’s an air of wildness; of something cool and sharp in the air, with Demolition String Band. The duo bristles with a restlessness that’s at the heart of some of the most exciting American roots music. It’s that sense of suddenly leaving town for no apparent reason, or on the strength of a rumor. It’s about dropping your husband’s hand at a county fair ‘cause some handsome stranger – who’s probably “trouble” — strides by;


New York Music Daily

Demolition String Band: Brilliant Country and Bluegrass

Demolition String Band’s new album Gracious Days is a kind of record that doesn’t get made very often anymore. It answers the question of what would happen if two of the most esteemed players on the New York country scene were turned loose in the studio with unlimited instruments and unlimited time, something Varese Vintage apparently decided to do, with delicious results. The production is absolutely gorgeous,


Nice article from Jersey Journal

Hoboken’s Demolition String Band mixes bluegrass with the Ramones

“Boo Reinershas been a fixture in the Mile Square City’s music scene since the early Nineties, when he performed with the hugely popular rap/funk fusion band Sweet Lizard Illtet.

Singer/songwriter Elena Skye moved to Hoboken in the mid-Eighties and opened Blackwater Books, a cultural hub for many years.

And together, they’ve enjoyed a 15-year career as the Demolition String Band,