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BARRY MAZOR/ROOTS WATCH – SOME RECORDS I THINK YOU OUGHT TO HEAR: The New York area favorites Demolition String Band, fronted by my own very talented old friends and one-time neighbors Elena Skye and Boo Reiners, have always matched quality bluegrass style (and level) instrumental chops with edgy song choices and creations; their new one on Varese Sarabande Records, Gracious Days, takes on writers from the Ramones to Mickey Newbury, and several strong compositions from Elen.

JIM BESSMAN/EXAMINER.COM: “Eminent mainstays of New York’s bluegrass and country-rock scene, Elena Skye and Boo Reiners bring their singular Demolition String Band back to their roots in their latest album Gracious Days. The set showcases traditional-styled originals like Skye’s “Misfortune” and Reiners’ “Under The Weather” along with meaningful covers from Woody Guthrie, Appalachian old-timey singer-songwriter Ola Belle Reed, legendary outsider Blaze Foley and even The Ramones. But whatever the sources, Skye and Reiners–and their gathering of stellar guest musicians–stamp them with their own indelible and instantly recognizable signature.”

STEPHANIE P. LEDGIN/author of HOMEGROWN MUSIC – Discovering Bluegrass: “Wrap your ears around Gracious Days, a discerning mix of roots-based originals and covers. DSB and guests dish out delicate picking and singing alongside bolder, uptown selections that complement well to deliver and engaging latest recording. (view the original article here)