“Live, Skye wears her heart on her sleeve and Reiners plays the hell out of his telecaster, supported by a no nonsense rhythm section.” VILLAGE VOICE

Gracious Days
Released: March 6, 2012
Label: Varese Sarabande Records

1. Jethro’s Lullaby intro
(Elena Skye) an instrumental Elena wrote for her first mandolin teacher, Kenneth “Jethro” Burns

2. Misfortune
(Elena Skye) this song was inspired by the people in the film Burning The Future: Coal in America

3. Under The Weather
(Boo Reiners) too many 50 cent chords? perhaps….

4. Questioningly
(The Ramones) we love to sing and play this
song, Popper even got verklempt while recording it

5. Why You Been Gone So Long
(Mickey Newbury) some hillbilly blues we
got from Clarence White and brother Roland

6. Dress Of Roses
(Elena Skye) a memory that won’t let go

7. Boojo Breakdown
(Boo Reiners) thrashin’ on the five string

8. Hard Ain’t It Hard
(Woody Guthrie) his music is a country as it gets

9. Alibis
(Blaze Foley) this one hurts don’t it?

10. Williamsville Ramble
(Elena Skye) a bit of Vermont backporch pickin’

11. Old Blue
(traditional, arr. by Skye,Reiners) a song about our best friend

12. Where The Wild Flowers Grow
(Ola Belle Reed) the mountain music matriarch tells about
growing up in the beautiful, unforgiving mountains of NC

Elena Skye: vocals, guitar, mandolin, tambourine
Boo Reiners: vocals, guitar, banjo, electric guitar, mandolin, resophonic guitar
Mike Santoro: acoustic and electric bass guitar
Kenny Soule: drums, percussion, suitcase
Tony Leone: drums, percussion
Catherine Popper: bass fiddle, electric bass guitar
David Mansfield: fiddle, viola, pedal steel guitar, resophonic guitar
Jimi Zhivago: organ, piano
Lisa Gutkin: fiddle
Neal Pawley: trombone, tuba

Produced by Steve Rosenthal

Recorded at Water Music | Hoboken

Engineered by Ted Young
Assistant engineer: Sean Kelly
Mixed at The Magic Shop | NYC by Steve Rosenthal with Ted Young with Kabir Hermon
Additional recording at The Magic Shop by Kabir Hermon, Brian Thorn
Mastering: Warren Russel-Smith at The Blue Room
art design: Chris Bryson www.waxedpaperpress.com
photos: www.davidplakke.com

Release coordinated for Varese Sarabande-Varese Vintage by Cary Mansfield