Different Kinds of Love

BILLBOARD: “Demolition String Band’s fourth album “Different Kinds of Love,” released in late 2007 on versatile indie Breaking Records, delivers on the group’s beloved mix of bluegrass, honky-tonk, rock and Bayou ooze, highlighted by whimsical “Letters,” an ode to a modern-day techno-bunco. Skye and company are primed to rope in triple A here, while the 13-track full-length has further potential at country with vigorous “Wisteria,” wedding wish “I Wanna Wear White” and collaborative throwdown “Who Taught You.” Demolition’s members are across-the-board connoisseurs: master instrumentalists, lyricists and entertainers, while Skye is a vocal treasure.”

ORLANDO WEEKLY: “Though not a string band in the true sense, the Demolition String Band is a totally righteous country-rock outfit that’s a well-measured balance between melody and muscle. Together, Elena Skye’s big voice and Boo Reiner’s studly guitar-playing pack enough octane to juice an 18-wheeler. Pretty damned McCoy for a buncha Yanks.”

HARP MAGAZINE: “The Hoboken quartet has strong musical roots in bluegrass traditions – leader Elena Skye studied mandolin with Jethro Burns – but those roots are shot through with plenty of rock ‘n’ roll electricity. Correlations could be drawn to towering roots/punk bands like Lone Justice and X, but Skye’s twang of a voice and the chugging, old-school instrumentation lands these guys firmly on the “roots” side of the equation.”

BARRY MAZOR/NO DEPRESSION: ” Their latest is proof that a band this edgy and adventurous can just keep getting tighter and crisper performing together over time. Different Kinds of Love features the strong points they’ve shown for years, Elena Skye’s sharp songwriting and Boo Reiner’s immaculate picking for instance, and powers them up with new rockabilly-tinged thrust.”

THIRD COAST MUSIC: “Reiners has always been a stupendous guitarist, showcased here on his original instrumental Boonanza and the multiple overdubs of Wisteria but Skye, who wrote or co-wrote ten of the thirteen tracks, sings eleven of them and plays mandolin, has really blossomed in all three roles, positively radiating confidence and maturity on an album that pulses with energy.”

POP MATTERS: “Hailing from New Jersey, Demolition String Band infuse their fourth record with enough spirit, swagger and country swing to make you swear they’ve lived a thousand lifetimes in the heart of the Bible Belt. The band’s exuberance and style is personified by vocalist Elena Skye, whose sound resembles folk rock empresses of the late 60’s.”

” X would be the closest comparison for this band. Although Demolition String Band aren’t punk by any stretch, they share the legendary LA band’s love for both American roots music and sheer guitar volume. In an age where rock has actually taken over country radio, this album is particularly well-timed. Tonight they mixed up a bunch of catchy, twangy country tunes with a couple of blazing straight-up rock songs and some dazzlingly played bluegrass.”

TIME OUT NEW YORK: “Demolition String Band rolls its friendly honky-tonk rock into the Rodeo Bar, proving that a NYC band can kick the sawdust with the best of ‘em. Though the group appears frequently, tonight ain’t just another night: Frontwoman Elena Skye & Co. are celebrating the release of a new CD, Different Kinds of Love, which ably shows off their twang & roll”

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